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Dating in islam yahoo answers

dating in islam yahoo answers

can still pray 5 times a day, go to Masjid and celebrate Eid. Who does this now? Even in the Quran there are references of Gods personmal features. This is due to at that time place and circumstance to slowly raise the level of the people. Please take care and thank you very much. But the next stage is to realise that the soul is not the same as the body. Others may take on some of the qualities of Open Space environments and allow participants to wander in a less structured way. So the real understanding I have gained is that the soul was not created, we are part and parcel of God.

Dear sir, I downloaded Bhagvad Geeta from your site and read. But God is the eternal master (allah hu akbar) and we are the eternal servants. Even the Quran says that God created the Earth and the Heavens which means that He existed before the Heavens and therfore these are not His eternal abode. Islam teaches us in Quran and HAdith that there are 7 levels of heaven.

5 Another early example is Starpath 's Party Mix. Remeber spiritual life is a process of realisation. But lets look at the story behind this. Khud Hafiz and Hare Krishna Khan Related Posts. This is the spiritual world. Islam and Hinduism, in contradiction to each other? So if you act righteously and do good deeds and desire to go to heven, after death your soul will be transfered to heaven and you will be born into a heavenly planet. If you could help me to finding their answers, I will be grateful to you. Whereas the Vedic literatures teach us that indeed at the time of death one is judged according to the deeds one has done in that life(ie Karma) and given appropriate next life in either heavenly or hellish body based on qualifications and deire. Hinduism is the oldest then Budhism then Judaism then Christianity then. Thank you very much.

dating in islam yahoo answers

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